MUltlog is a system which takes as input the specification of a finitely-valued first-order logic and produces a sequent calculus, a natural deduction system, and clause formation rules for this logic. All generated rules are optimized regarding their branching degree. The output is in the form of a scientific paper written in LaTeX. As an example, this specification of three-valued Gödel logic results in this paper. For more details see the system description presented at CADE-13, the README file of the distribution, and the changes since version 1.05.

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Obtaining MUltlog

MUltlog 1.11 is available for free from below. The current distribution is mainly intended for Unix-like operating systems. With minor modifications MUltlog should also run on other platforms.

Components of MUltlog

Supplementary components

About MUltlog

MUltlog is a project by the Vienna Group for Multiple-valued Logics, supported by FWF grant P10282-MAT (Austrian Science Foundation). The persons that contributed to MUltlog are (in alphabetical order):