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Registration and Accomodation

Registration is now closed.

Important note

Registration at the conference can only by paying in cash.

Please note that the number of participants is limited! If you wish to ensure your participation, please register as soon as possible.

Conference fees

The conference fees are set as follows:
  • Regular fee: 200 EUR
  • Discounted fee: 100 EUR

These fees are valid till 31. March 2006. After this date the registration fees (regular and discounted) increase by 50% (300 EUR, 150 EUR).

In order to be eligible for the discounted fee, you have to originate from a less developed country and have to contact, first. If deemed eligible, you will receive additional information on how to proceed.

The conference fee includes

  • participation at all scientific events
  • a copy of Kurt Gödel's original Ph.D. thesis
  • 2 limited edition post stamps with Gödel's ID card photograph
  • lunches at the Melker Stiftskeller
  • two coffee breaks on each day of the conference
  • a trip to Brno
  • admittance to the general lecture by Roger Penrose and the movie screening afterwards (Kurt Gödel: A Mathematical Myth)
  • accepted posters' authors only: a free copy of the poster volume published by the Kurt Gödel Society

The conference fee does NOT include the Gala dinner. Tickets for this event may be purchased separately. Gala dinner price: 100 EUR

Trip to Brno This trip is included in the registration fee, however since it takes place before the conference, you must pay attention when registering and choose the Brno trip option, if you wish to attend. The trip will consist of two different stages: a sightseeing tour of Gödel-relevant sights in Vienna (such as Strudelhof Stiege, Gödel's favourite lecture hall etc.), a ride to Brno, lunch in Brno, and a short sightseeing tour after lunch.


Hotels can be booked at the same time of the registration, or independently from the registration. Austropa prepared a description of hotels with maps.

How to register and book hotels

Registration and optionally booking of hotels is done via Austropa Interconvention.

If you pay the regular fee, please go to the regular registration form.

If you would like to register for the discounted fee, please go to the discount registration.

For any problems concerning registration please refer to the following email address of Austropa: