Conference Venue

The Logic Colloquium will be held at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna), which is situated in the vibrant cultural center of town, right on the Karlsplatz subway station. Karlsplatz is the largest subway station in Vienna, with three different subway lines stopping there.

The registration desk is located in the Freihaus building (FH) (on the first floor in the red area). All talks of the Logic Colloquium will take place in the historic main building (MB) of the university. Please see the VSL website on meeting locations for details on how to find these buildings.

In the following overview map of the main builing, the numbers of the staircases are indicated. In order to find a room, it is recommended to first head to the right staircase on the ground floor through the courtyard and then go to the right floor using this staircase (or its elevator).

All plenary talks will take place in Prechtlsaal which is located close to the main foyer at the main entrance of the building (staircase 1, ground floor). The help desk will be located in the main foyer. The coffee breaks will take place on both ends of Prechtlsaal, i.e. on the ground floor at staircase 1 (main foyer) and at staircase 2 (side entrance).

The following list contains all lecture rooms that will be used for the Logic Colloquium:

Room Staircase Floor
MB, PrechtlsaalStaircase 1Ground floor
MB, Hörsaal 14Staircase 33rd floor
MB, Hörsaal 14AStaircase 33rd floor
MB, Hörsaal 15Staircase 33rd floor
MB, Zeichensaal 15Staircase 13rd floor
MB, AufbaulaborStaircase 71st floor
MB, Seminarraum 212/232Staircase 23rd floor
MB, Seminarraum 225Staircase 52nd floor
MB, GUT SchulungsraumStaircase 4aGround floor
MB, Seminarraum 2Staircase 64th floor
MB, Seminarraum 3Staircase 64th floor
MB, Seminarraum 4Staircase 64th floor
MB, Seminarraum 5Staircase 64th floor
MB, Seminarraum 6Staircase 64th floor
MB, Seminarraum 7Staircase 64th floor
MB, Seminarraum KuppelStaircase 14th floor

Please see the venue website of the VSL for more details and information about the other events of the VSL.