Scientific program


  • Krzysztof Apt: A Tutorial on Strategic and Extensive Games
  • Alexandre Miquel: A tutorial on classical realizability and forcing

Karp Prize Lectures

  • Matt Foreman: The Singular Cardinals Problem after 130 years or so
    on the work of Moti Gitik
  • Matthias Aschenbrenner: Logic meets number theory in o-minimality
    on the work of Ya'acov Peterzil, Jonathan Pila, Sergei Starchenko and Alex Wilkie

Gödel Lecture

  • Julia Knight: Computable structure theory and formulas of special forms

Plenary Speakers

  • Andrej Bauer: Reductions in computability theory from a constructive point of view
  • Paddy Blanchette: The Birth of Semantic Entailment
  • Kirsten Eisenträger: Generalizations of Hilbert's Tenth Problem
  • Andrés Cordón Franco: On local induction schemes
  • Vera Fischer: Cardinal invariants and template iterations
  • Noam Greenberg: Applications of admissible computability
  • Leszek Kołodziejczyk: The problem of a model without collection and without exponentiation
  • Ben Miller: Definable cardinals just beyond ℝ / ℚ
  • Mark Reynolds: Synthesis for monadic logic over the reals
  • Mariya Soskova: Definability, automorphisms and enumeration degrees
  • Albert Visser: On a theorem of McAloon

Vienna Summer of Logic Keynote Speakers

during the Logic Colloquium
  • Christos Papadimitriou: Computational Ideas and the Theory of Evolution
  • Alex Wilkie: The theory and applications of o-minimal structures
after the Logic Colloquium
  • Franz Baader: Ontology-Based Monitoring of Dynamic Systems
  • Edmund M. Clarke: Verification of Computer Systems with Model Checking

LATD Special Invited Talk

  • Dana Scott: Geometry without points

Special Sessions

  • Logic of Games and Rational Choice (Organizer: R. Ramanujam)

    • Johan van Benthem: The DNA of Logic and Games
    • Rohit Parikh: Elections and Knowledge
    • Gabriel Sandu: Nash equilibrium semantics for Independence-Friendly Logic
    • Jouko Väänänen: Dependence and Independence - A Logical Approach
  • Model Theory (Organizer: Z. Chatzidakis)

    • Panteleimon Eleftheriou: Pregeometries and definable groups
    • Meeri Kesälä: Quasiminimal structures and excellence
    • Jochen Königsmann: Definable valuation rings
    • Daniel Palacín: The Fitting subgroup of a supersimple group
  • Perspectives on Induction (joint with CSL-LICS, organizers: M. Baaz, S. Hetzl)

    • Alan Bundy: Automating inductive proof
    • Michael Detlefsen: Inductive Proofs & the Knowledge They Give
    • Georg Gottlob: Decidable languages for knowledge representation and inductive definitions: From Datalog to Datalog+/-
    • Gerhard Jäger: Weak well orders and related inductions
    • Ted Slaman: Subsystems of first-order arithmetic delineated by second-order principles
  • Philosophy of Mathematics (Organizer: Ø. Linnebo)

    • Paddy Blanchette: Frege on mathematical progess
    • Leon Horsten: Reflection, Trust, Entitlement
    • Luca Incurvati: Restrictiveness relative to notions of interpretations (joint work with B. Loewe)
    • Gabriel Uzquiano: On Bernays' Generalization of Cantor's Theorem
  • Recursion Theory (Organizers: E. Fokina, D. Turetsky)

    • Johanna Franklin: UD-randomness and the Turing degrees
    • Rupert Hölzl: Randomness in the Weihrauch degrees
    • Iskander Kalimullin: Uniform and non-uniform reducibilities of algebraic structures
    • Bakhadyr Khoussainov: On finitely presented expansions of groups and algebras
  • Set Theory (Organizers: J. Kellner, M. Goldstern)

    • Daisuke Ikegami: Large cardinals, forcing axioms, and the theory of subsets of ω1
    • Philipp Lücke: Locally definable well-orders
    • Diego Mejía: Matrix iterations and Cichoń's diagram
    • Konstantin Slutsky: Regular cross-sections of Borel flows
  • The place of logic in computer science education (Organizers: H. Veith, R. Zach)

    • Byron Cook
    • Alexander Leitsch
    • Prakash Panangaden
    • Nicole Schweikardt

    Presentations followed by a panel discussion.

Contributed Talks

The scientific program includes contributed talks.