Submission and Travel Awards

Abstract submission instructions

Submission deadline: April 11, 2014

Use the ASL abstract template. Please comply to the rules for abstracts of the ASL.

Submission of abstracts is done via the EasyChair website for the Logic Colloquium 2014. If you do not have an EasyChair-account yet, you can create one at the submission site.

Please use EasyChair for submissions as follows:
- Title and Abstract: please enter title and abstract as plain text
- As the first keyword, put the AMS classification 03...
- Upload Paper: please upload your abstract as .pdf (only the abstract; not a full paper)
- Attachment: please provide the .tex source of your abstract

Please note that every speaker must be registered at the Logic Colloquium.

Travel awards

The ASL will make available modest travel awards to graduate students in logic and to recent PhD’s to attend the meeting. To be considered for a Travel Award, please (1) send a letter of application, and (2) ask your thesis supervisor to send a brief recommendation letter. The application letter should be brief (preferably one page) and should include: (1) your name; (2) your home institution; (3) your thesis supervisor’s name; (4) a one-paragraph description of your studies and work in logic, and a paragraph indicating why it is important to attend the meeting; (5) your estimate of the travel expenses you will incur; (6) (for citizens or residents of the USA) citizenship or visa status; and (7) (voluntary) indication of your gender and minority status. Women and members of minority groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

In addition to funds provided by the ASL, the program of travel grants is supported by a grant from the US National Science Foundation; NSF funds for meetings outside of North America may be awarded only to students at USA universities and to citizens and permanent residents of the USA. Air travel paid for using NSF funds must be in accordance with the Fly America Act.

For the 2014 ASL European Summer Meeting, applications should be received before the deadline of April 14, 2014, by the Organizing Committee: Kurt-Gödel-Gesellschaft, c/o Technische Universität Wien, Institut für Computersprachen E185.2, Favoritenstraße 9-11, A-1040 Vienna, Austria. Email: Application by email is encouraged; put “ASL travel application” in the subject line of your message. For further details see the ASL website on travel awards.