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Poster Session

Submission for the Poster Session is closed.

Accepted Posters

The Kurt Gödel Centenary: Horizons of Truth organizers and sponsors have accepted the following posters to be displayed on Friday and Saturday (28.-29. April 2006) in the small Celebration Hall, and the Senate Hall of the University of Vienna.

  • Vasileios Basios and Emilios Bouratinos. Goedel's Imperative For A Selfreflective Science
  • Don Morris Mason Booker. Is the Origin of Mathematical Information Which Crosses Systems Boundaries, Decidable form Within the Given Mathematical Information System?
  • Don Morris Mason Booker. Is God's Action in The World, and Communication with It, Decidable?
  • Gabriel Ciobanu. Computable Real Numbers Expressed by Using While-Processes and Dynamic Logic
  • Paolo Cotogno. A Note on Goedel's Alleged Rejection of Hilbert's Programme
  • Christian Damboeck. The philosophical (ir)relevance of Goedel's proof
  • Michael Heather and Nick Rossiter. The Demise of Number and Axiomatic Systems
  • Joachim Hertel. Computing a Fixed Point on a Horizon of Truth
  • Thomas Johnstone. Weakly Compact Cardinals Made Indestructible
  • Antonis Kakas. On the Logic of Scientific Knowledge Development
  • Shane Legg. Incompleteness and Artificial Intelligence
  • Alexander Lyaletski (Sr.) and Alexandre Lyaletsky (Jr.). Admissible substitutions and Herbrand's theorems for classical and intuitionistic logics
  • Gary Mar. Godel Incompleteness, Complexity and Chaos
  • Constantin Pavloff. On 'Greek intuitions' of K.Goedel and unpredictable logical consequences
  • Michael Pfender. Arithmetical Consistency
  • Gyorgy Sereny. The diagonal lemma as the formalized Grelling paradox
  • Ajay Sharma. The Origin of Generalized Mass-Energy Equation f'E= Ac2f'M and its applications in General physics and Cosmology
  • Urszula, Barbara Wybraniec-Skardowska. Three Levels of Knowledge
  • John Vella. On Incompleteness
  • Andreas Weiermann. Phase transition thresholds for Goedel's incompleteness
  • Dan Willard. On the Results of a 14-Year Effort to Generalize Goedel's Second Incompleteness Theorem and Explore Its Boundary Case Exceptions

    Poster Volume

    A poster volume will be published in the series Collegium Logicum of the Kurt Gödel Society and sent to all authors upon the completion of the Symposium.