The EMCL workshop 2012 takes place at TU Wien on 21st and 22nd February.

The goal of the workshop is to share knowledge and experiences about the European Masters program in Computational Logic among the students, professors and other people involved in this program. This is perfect opportunity especially for the first-year students to find out about the other EMCL universities and to get an advice from other EMCL students about cumbersome administration procedures in the other European countries. The program of the workshop includes presentations of the partner universities, student talks, a social dinner, student parties and other social events.

The Joint Commission supports students attending this workshop with a lump sum of 200 euro twice during their period of study. The amount will be reimbursed after the student attends the workshop.

Travel tips for the first-year students:

We believe that it is best for the first-year students to travel from the workshop directly to Bolzano, because returning to Dresden is a waste of time and money. It is possible to make the trip to Vienna with train without changes (see this page) and the trip to Bolzano with one change (read this page). If you need an assistance, we can pick you up from a station in Vienna and store your luggage until you depart to Bolzano. Arrange this with Sergey Paramonov (contact in the right sidebar).

 Content of this webside

  • Other travel tips are mentioned on the page Travel.
  • The page Accommodation contains dome tips for hostels where to stay in Vienna.
  • For advice how to get around in Vienna see the page Venue & Local Transport.
  • The page Program will contain a calendar of the workshop’s program.
  • The page Social Events will contain a description of social events we will hold during the workshop and information how to get to them.
  • There will be a registration form on the page Registration. We will notify you by the email when the registration for the workshop is opened.
  • The page Best Thesis will list nominations for the Best Thesis Award when they are known.

As you can see, the page does not contain all the information yet. We will notify you about the important updates by email.

The EMCL workshops is the only EMCL event, where all the EMCL students and people connected with EMCL have a chance to meet. So don’t miss it ;-)

Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop!
The EMCL workshop organization team