Björn Lellmann

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Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow

I am a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow here at the TU Wien in the PAnaMoL project. Before this I was a member of the START project: Non classical proofs: theory, applications and tools led by Agata Ciabattoni, and even further back I did my PhD with Dirk Pattinson in London. In general I am interested in all things connected to logic. At the moment I am working mainly on structural proof theory for modal and intermediate logics (see the official project description or the publications below). In particular I am looking into the connections between Hilbert-style axiomatisations and Gentzen-style sequent or hypersequent calculi, as well as the expressive strengths of different Gentzen-style frameworks.



  • The paper "Hypersequent Calculi for Lewis' Conditional Logics with Uniformity" (with Marianna Girlando, Nicola Olivetti, and Gian Luca Pozzato) was accepted for publication at TABLEAUX 2017.
  • The system description "VINTE: an Implementation of Internal Calculi for Lewis' Logics for Counterfactual Reasoning" (with Marianna Girlando, Nicola Olivetti, Gian Luca Pozzato, and Quentin Vitalis) was accepted for publication at TABLEAUX 2017.
  • Coming up: LSFA 2017.
  • With Elaine Pimentel we submitted the paper "Modularisation of Sequent Calculi for Normal and Non-normal Modalities". A preprint is available from arXiv.







  • LNSprover: An implementation of a modular theorem prover for a number of normal and non-normal modal logics using linear nested sequent calculi.
  • Some of the methods and systems of the paper Proof Search in Nested Sequent Systems have been implemented by Elaine Pimentel in the prover POULE. (Please drop me a line if the link does not work, we had some issues with the server lately.)



The article Wo die vifen Kerle forschen in the Austrian magazine FALTER contains bits of an interview with Agata Ciabattoni and myself (in German).

Programme committee memberships: LSFA 2017, VCLA International Student Awards 2015, LSFA 2016, Proof, Structure and Computation 2014.

Organising committee memberships: ALCOP 2016, LATD 2014, the latter of which was part of the Vienna Summer of Logic 2014.

During my time in London I was one of the organisers of the LogIC seminar. If you are in London I highly recommend going to their talks.

My profiles on Google Scolar, and ResearchGate.

My OrcID is 0000-0002-5335-1838.

Björn Lellmann, May 2017