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Bernhard Gramlich, 1959–2014

On June 3 our colleague and friend Bernhard Gramlich passed away.

After studying computer science in Karlsruhe and Kaiserslautern, Bernhard spent several years as post-doc at INRIA Lorraine (Nancy). In 1998 he joined our university and became Associate Professor in 2000. His interests in research and teaching centered around term rewrite systems and automated equational reasoning. His career was interrupted one year ago when he was diagnosed with MSA, an aggressive incurable nerve disease.

We have lost an enthusiastic scientist, an engaged teacher and one of the most amiable persons we have ever met.

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Bernhard Gramlich

Associate Professor


Snail:  Bernhard Gramlich
        Technische Universität Wien          |  Vienna University of Technology
        Fakultät für Informatik              |  Faculty of Informatics
        AG Theoretische Informatik und Logik |  Theory and Logic Group        
        Favoritenstr. 9, E185/2
        A-1040 Wien, Austria
E-mail: gramlich@logic.at
WWW:    http://www.logic.at/staff/gramlich
Phone:  +43-1-58801-18544
Fax:    +43-1-58801-18597
Zugang: am besten über Stiege 1, 3. Stock, rechts (Gebäudeplan)

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