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 Important Note

Dear Lecturer, if you contact us, please ALWAYS provide the name of your course, and the course ID. We don't want to search the whole list again and again. Thanks.

 Course Information

The lecturer can change the description and other informations of their courses by following this link. Please note that you need a username and password for this. These informations have been sent to you. If you lost it please contact us at

 Course Notes

The course notes should be send to us before June 2, in either ps or pdf format, A4. Please send them to us at

 Conference/Lecturer dinner

In the first and second week there will be a dinner organized for the lecturers. The dinner in the first week will take place on Thursday 21. August. The dinner in the second week will take place on Friday 29. August.

 Reimbursement for lecturers

ESSLLI lecturers and workshop organizers (not additional workshop speakers) are reimbursed according to the following options:
  • There will be a reimbursement for 1 single or 1 double room per course per week, from either Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday. For courses with multiple lecturers, lecturers should decide among each other who will be the one that gets reimbursed.
  • In addition, for every course, there will be a reimbursement of the documented amount of travel costs up to either € 250 (within EC and neighboring countries), or € 500 (external).
  • Lecturers can choose to be reimbursed for 1 more single/double room per course per week instead of being reimbursed for travel expenses.
  • If lecturers book their rooms for additional days these have to be paid.
  • Lecturers do not have to pay the registration fee for ESSLLI.
  • Additional lecturers that do not get reimbursed for accomodation can ask for the arrangement of additional rooms, but those have to be paid.

 Waiver of fee for lecturers

The registration fee will be waived for up to two lecturers per course.

We ask every lecturer to register via the web, we need this for book keeping tasks and stuff like vouchers etc. It is enough to register and tell us ( by email that you have registered. No need to send the fax.

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