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Once you have been admitted to TUW, our international office will send you the instructions for enrolling.

You will also receive some information concerning housing and visas. Please keep in mind that it is extremely important to start with the procedures for housing and Visa as soon as possible!

For questions about university enrollment, please contact Ms. Susana Saez Garcia (international office, ssg@ww2.ai.tuwien.ac.at)


If you do not finish your studies by the 4th semester and need to enroll again.

Re-enrollment is not automatic, you need to contact Ms. Susana Saez Garcia (international office) (ssg@ww2.ai.tuwien.ac.at) and she will enroll you.

Paying the fees is not enough for enrollment, the international office has to confirm that you are still a TUW student.

The deadline for enrolling is 30 Nov. for the Winter Semester, and 30 Apr. for the Winter Semester.

It is not possible to register after these deadlines!

Course Registration

You can register for the courses in TISS.
Note that you don't need to log in to search for course information, but you do if you want to subscribe to a course.

It is important to register for the courses on time:

For more information on how to register to a course, see the FAQs.