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Registering your Thesis


Once you have a thesis topic with your supervisor, you must register it at the Dean's office.
Make sure to do this at least two months before the time when you want to graduate.

  1. Complete and print this form. It is in German, but you can find an example in English here. It must be signed by you, your supervisor, and the head of his/her institute.
    • The example is for an older version of the form, but it remains essentially the same and only the attachments have changed.
    • The mentioned `Nachweis ueber das Vorstudium' (proof of previous studies) is usually not needed for EMCL students, assuming that your paperwork from the first year is in order. If something is missing, they will let you know in the Dekanatzentrum.
  2. Write an abstract (short description) of your planned thesis, and ask your supervisor to sign it.
    It must include the following four sections: Problem Description, Expected Results, Methodology, and State-of-the art, with at least four references in the bibliography.
    You can find here an example (in German) of what the abstract should look like.
  3. Bring this, together with your current Studienblatt to Mr. Christoph Neuherz in the Dekanatszentrum. Make sure to go during the opening hours!
    (The "Studienblatt" is an A4 page with your student data for the current semester. Until March 2010 it was sent per post after enrolling, together with the student card sticker. Since March 2010 you can print it directly using the TISS Student-Self-Service. You will find a link on your TISS home).

Thesis information


Go to the Dekanatszentrum (Dean's office). Contact person: Christoph Neuherz. Make sure to go during the opening hours!
Some of the things you will have to do before graduating:

  1. Register your poster here.
  2. Get your signed and approved module certificate from professor Salzer.
  3. Register your thesis in the thesis database of the national association of libraries (Österreichischen Dissertationsdatenbank, OBVSG). This must be done using an online form, with the username and password you will receive in the Dekanat.
    At the end of this procedure, you will be able to print an Erfassungsbestätigung.
    Hint: the form is in German - if you will need help for filling it in, make sure to ask for it on time.
  4. For submitting your graduation documents at the Dekanat, you will need:
    • Your module certificate.
    • Your passport
    • Individual certificates of your examinations (Einzelprüfungzeugnisse) and a comprehensive certificate, or transcript (Sammelzeugniss).
      Since 2009, you can print these certificates yourself using the TISS Student-Self-Service, which you can access from your TISS homepage.
    • Your current Studienblatt (see item 2.3 above).
    • One long evaluation and two short evaluations of your thesis signed by your supervisor, and another evaluation written by the second reviewer of your thesis. The mark of all evaluations must coincide, and it must be agreed upon by the two evaluators in advance.
      The form for the short evaluation can be found here and must be filled in and signed by your supervisor.
      The long evaluation is a description of your work (no form required) written and signed by your supervisor.
    • One hardcover copy of your Thesis, signed by your supervisor.
    • The poster, also signed by your supervisor.
    • The Erfassungsbestätigung from step 3 above.
  5. When the above procedures have been completed, you have to present everything at the Dekanatszentrum, and your diploma will be issued.
    You can find a calendar with deadlines for bringing your documents and the corresponding dates on which you would get your diploma here.
    Note that you can bring your graduation documents at any time of the semester (during the opening hours).

Important! If the complete graduation documents are not received in the Dean's office before the deadline announced on the EMCL Webpage (Oct 15 for the SS and April 15 for the WS), then you will have to register and pay tuition fees for an additional semester.