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Related Projects

  1. Volkswagen Stiftung. Artificial Intelligence and the Society of the Future Call 2018. Planning grant. Norm-based reasoning: from legal and moral traditions to AI systems. Convenors: Matthias Armgardt (Konstanz), Agata Ciabattoni (Vienna), Adrian Paschke (Berlin) and Giovanni Sartor (Bologna). Starting soon

  2. WWTF, "Mathematics and ... Call 2016". Reasoning Tools for Deontic Logic and Applications to Indian Sacred Texts Starting date: May 15th 2017. Coordinator: A. Ciabattoni

  3. Transnational Funding FWF-ANR TICAMORE: Translating and dIscovering CAlculi for MOdal and RElated logics (with N. Olivetti and D. Galmiche -- France), February 2017-January 2020. Coordinator for TU Wien: A. Ciabattoni

  4. EC-RISE, Marie Curie Action, Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) Syntax meet Semantics: Methods, Interactions, and Connections in Substructural logics (23 Partners, 13 Countries), 2016-2019. Coordinator for TU Wien: A. Ciabattoni

  5. FWF Doctoral College Logical Methods in Computer Science , 15-30 PhD positions. Convenors: M. Baaz, A. Biere, R. Bloem, A. Ciabattoni, U. Egly, T. Eiter, C.G. Fermueller, R. Grosu, A. Leitsch, M. Ortiz, R. Pichler, S. Szeider, H. Tompits, H. Veith, G. Weissenbacher, 2014-2017. ( web site )

  6. EC-IRSES, Marie Curie Action: International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES), FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IRSES, GetFUN Generalizing Truth-Functionality
    (16 Partners, 8 Countries), 2013-2016. Coordinator for TU Wien: A. Ciabattoni

  7. Individual Marie Curie Fellowship for Bjoern Lellmann (May 2015-April 2017, scientist in charge A. Ciabattoni)

  8. FWF Lisa Meitner Fellowship for Roman Kuznets (February 2015-January 2017, scientist in charge A. Ciabattoni)

  9. Bilateral project OEAD, Austria-Ungary. Formalization of proof theory for Revantha Ramanayake 2016-2017