Computer Science Logic and 8th Kurt Gödel Colloquium
Hans Leiss, Michel de Rougemont: Automata on Lempel-Ziv-compressed strings
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We consider the 'compressed model checking problem': which properties of strings can be determined from a compressed version of the string, without decompression?

Using the Lempel-Ziv-78 compression algorithm to compress a string yields a dictionary of substrings, i.e. an edge-labelled tree with an order-compatible enumeration, here called an LZ-trie. Queries about strings translate to queries about LZ-tries and hence can in principle be answered without decompression. We compare notions of automata accepting LZ-tries and consider the relation between acceptable and monadic-second-order-definable classes of LZ-tries. It turns out that regular properties of strings can be checked efficiently on compressed strings by LZ-trie automata.
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