Matteo Pascucci

HD 04 19
Favoritenstrasse 9
Postdoctoral researcher

Research Interests

Modal logic, temporal logic, deontic logic, formal analysis of indeterminism.

Current Position

Postdoctoral researcher within the project Norm-based reasoning: from legal and moral traditions to AI systems. Local responsible: Prof. Agata Ciabattoni.
Collaborator of the project Reasoning Tools for Deontic Logic and Applications to Indian Sacred Texts.


Journal articles

  • "Duty and sacrifice. A logical analysis of the Mīmāṃsā theory of Vedic injunctions" (joint work with Elisa Freschi and Andrew Ollett). History and Philosophy of Logic, in production.
  • "Propositional quantifiers in labelled natural deduction for normal modal logic". Logic Journal of the IGPL, awaiting for issue assignment.
  • "Anderson's restriction of deontic modalities to contingent propositions". Theoria 83(4), pp. 440-470, 2017.
  • "A unified semantics for a family of modal logics with propositional constants". Logica Universalis 10(1), pp. 45-66, 2016.
  • "Two temporal logics of contingency". Australasian Journal of Logic 12(2), pp. 121-134, 2015.

Book chapters and conference proceedings

  • "Notions of instrumentality in agency logic" (joint work with Kees van Berkel). In: T. Miller, O. Nir, Y. Sakurai, I. Noda, B.T.R. Savarimuthu and S. Tran (eds.), PRIMA 2018: Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems, pp. 403-419, 2018.
  • "Influence of world knowledge and context on the comprehension of natural language translation of logical formulas" (joint work with Luca Cilibrasi). In: C. Ciarlo, and D. Giannoni (eds.), Language Studies Working Papers, Vol. 5, pp. 13-21, 2013 .

PhD thesis

"Modal logics with propositional constants".
Department of Computer Science, University of Verona, Italy, 2016. Supervisor: Prof. Andrea Masini.