GRAMMAR SYSTEMS 2000 - Final Program

Monday, July 3

Session chair: Rudolf FREUND
09:10    Opening
09:15    Gheorghe PAUN, From Cells to Computers: Computing with Membranes (P-Systems)
10:15    Coffee break

Session chair: Gheorghe PAUN
10:30    Henning FERNAU, PC Grammar Systems with Terminal Transmission
11:30    Coffee Break

11:45    Werner KUICH, Full Abstract Families of Tree Series

Tuesday, July 4

Session chair: Jürgen DASSOW
09:00    Erzsebet CSUHAJ-VARJU, Grammar Systems: 12 Years, 12 Problems
10:00    Victor MITRANA, Parsability Approaches in CD Grammar Systems
10:30    Coffee break

Session chair: Erzsebet CSUHAJ-VARJU
10:45    György VASZIL, Problems and Recent Results Concerning Parallel Communicating Lindenmayer Systems
11:15    Kamala KRITHIVASAN, Distributed Processing in Deterministic PDA
11:45    Vincenzo MANCA, Logical Representations of Grammatical Systems

Wednesday, July 5

Session chair: Ludwig STAIGER
09:00    Mike HOLCOMBE, X-machines in Computing, Biology and Art
10:00    Mike HOLCOMBE, A Subclass of Stream X-machines with Underlying Distributed Grammars
10:30    Coffee break

Session chair: Jozef KELEMEN
10:45    Petr SOSIK, Conditional Tabled Eco-Grammar Systems and Random Context Grammars
11:15    Blanca CASES, Eco-Grammar Systems Applied to the Analysis of the Dynamics of Population in Artificial Worlds
11:45    Maria Dolores JIMENEZ-LOPEZ, Carlos MARTIN-VIDE, Grammar Systems and Autolexical Syntax: Two Theories, One Single Idea

Thursday, July 6

Session chair: Alica KELEMENOVA
09:00    Rani SIROMONEY, Distributed Circular Systems
10:00    Rani SIROMONEY, Pure Pattern Grammars
10:30    Coffee break

Session chair: Rani SIROMONEY
10:45    Claudio FERRETTI, Separating some Splicing Models
11:15    Claudio ZANDRON, Universality and Normal Forms on Membrane Systems
11:45    Kamala KRITHIVASAN, Simple Test Tube Systems


Session chair: György VASZIL
14:15    Jozef KELEMEN, A Note on Colonies
14:45    Jan GASO, Unreliable Colonies – the Parallel Case
15:15    Coffee break

Session chair: Henning FERNAU
15:30    Gundula NIEMANN, Regular Languages and Church-Rosser Congruential Languages
16:00    Sigrid EWERT, Distributed Processing of Random Context Picture Grammars
16:30    Markus NEUBAUER, Martin SUMMERER, A Graph Controlled Array Grammar System with Predefined Teams for the Recognition of Handwritten Characters

Friday, July 7

Session chair: Rudolf FREUND
09:00    Markus HOLZER, Cooperating Distributed Grammar Systems with Exhausting Resources
09:30    Ludwig STAIGER, Communicating Machines on ω-Words
10:00    Perspectives and Closing

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