Michael Kompatscher

Sokolovská 83
18675 Praha 8
Czech Republic

Room: K315 (Byt 396-4.NP) on the 3rd floor

Email: michael@logic.at,
michael.kompatscher@cs.ox.ac.uk (not in use anymore!)

ResearchGate: Michael Kompatscher
OrcID: 0000-0002-0163-6604


Since October 2021 I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Algebra of Charles University in Prague. My research interests include universal algebra, model theory, Ramsey theory and their application in theoretical computer science.

I'm employed in the ERC grant Symmetry in Computational Complexity lead by Libor Barto. I finished my PhD in 2017 at TU Wien under the supervision of Michael Pinsker, for my academic family tree, see here.

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In Spring term 2022 I am teaching Universal Algebra 2.

For information about past teaching see here.



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2021/11 G-terms and the local-global property, at the PALS online seminar - [slides]
2021/10 Solving equations: a computational perspective at the Algebra Colloquium of the Department of Algebra, Charles University.
2021/02 Failure of local-to-global at AAA100 in Krakow (online) - [slides]
2020/11 CEQV and CSAT for nilpotent Maltsev algebras, at the Panglobal Algbra and Logic Seminar of CU Boulder - [slides]
2020/03 The complexity of solving equations, SIAM Chapters seminar Prague
2020/02 ! CC-Circuits and the expressive power of nilpotent algebras, AAA99, Siena - [slides]
2020/01 ! CC-Circuits and the expressive power of nilpotent algebras, Birkhoff Seminar, CU Boulder - [slides]
2020/01 Topology is relevant (in discussing the complexity of omega-categorical CSPs), Joint Mathematics Meetings, AMS Session on Algebra and Algebraic Geometry, Denver - [slides]
2019/11 Computational problems over nilpotent algebras (from modular varieties), Seminar of Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, JKU Linz
2019/09 CC-circuits and the expressive power of nilpotent algebras, SSAOS2019, Karolinka, Czech Republic - [slides]
2019/06 The equivalence problem for nilpotent algebras, AAA98, TU Dresden - [slides]
2019/06 Checking commutator identities in finite groups, SANDGAL2019, Cremona - [slides]
2019/05 The equivalence problem for nilpotent algebras, BLAST2019, Boulder - [slides] (see AAA98 for corrected version)
2019/03 Solving equations in finite groups extended by their commutator, at AAA97, TU Wien - [slides]
2018/06 ! Nilpotency and the complexity of the equation solvability problem, at the First Algebra Week, University of Siena.
2018/06 ! The Equivalence of Two Dichotomy Conjectures for Infinite Domain CSPs, at The Constraint Satisfaction Problem: Complexity and Approximability, Schloss Dagstuhl – Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik
2018/05 The complexity of solving equations and checking identities, at the International Seminar of the Institute for Algebra of TU Dresden
2018/03 ! CSPs of infinite structures and equations in oligomorphic clones, in the Theoretical Computer Science Seminar of Jagiellonian University in Krakow.
2018/03 The equation solvability problem, at the Algebra Seminar of TU Wien.
2018/02 Equation solving over supernilpotent Mal'cev algebras is tractable at AAA95 in Bratislava - [slides]
2017/12 Equation solvability in supernilpotent Mal'cev algebras, in the KAFKA Seminar
2017/07 ! Oligomorphic clones - tutorial with Michael Pinsker, Tianfu Universal Algebra workshop, SWUFE Chengdu, China
2017/06 Linearization of certain non-trivial equations in oligomorphic clones
at AAA94+NSAC2017, University of Novi Sad - [slides]
2017/05 Completing edge-labelled graphs to metric spaces - AGDM Seminar, Wien - [slides]
2017/05 Cores of omega-categorical structures - in the Algebra Seminar of TU Wien
2017/03 A complexity dichotomy for poset constraint satisfaction - STACS2017, Hannover - [slides]
2017/02 A new proof of the existence of cores of ⍵-categorical structures - AAA93, FH Bern - [slides]
2017/01 The two dichotomy conjectures for infinite domain CSPs - Theory and Logic Seminar of TU Wien
2016/11 An introduction to Ramsey theory, at the Fall school of the Algebra department of Charles University - [slides]
2016/08 Constraint satisfaction problems over the random poset, at the Logic Colloquium 2016, Leeds
2016/05 CSPs over the random partial order, at AAA92 in Prague - [slides]
2016/04 Constraint satisfaction problems over infinite domains
with Trung Van Pham, in the Theory and Logic Seminar of TU Wien - [slides]
2016/04 A complexity dichotomy for Poset-SAT in the Algebra Seminar of TU Wien - [slides]
2016/02 2 many maximal-closed subgroups of Sym(⍵) via Henson digraphs
at New Pathways between Group Theory and Model Theory in Mülheim an der Ruhr - [slides]
2015/12 Maximal subgroups of Sym(⍵) via Henson digraphs
in the KAFKA Seminar, Charles-University Prague - [slides]
2015/11 ! A counterexample on the reconstruction of oligomorphic clones
at the workshop Homogeneous structures at BIRS, Banff - [video]
2015/10 ! Algebraic methods in constraint satisfaction at Matej Bel University, Banská Bystrica
2015/10 Reducts of Henson digraphs in the Wiener Algebra Seminar of TU Wien
2015/06 Endomorphism monoids of ⍵-categorical structures at TACL 2015, Ischia, Italy - [slides]
2015/05 Dichotomy results for constraint satisfaction problems at PhDs in Logic VII, TU Wien - [slides]
2015/04 Reconstruction of ⍵-categorical structures in the KAFKA Seminar, Charles-University Prague
2015/04 ! Endomorphism monoids of ⍵-categorical structures in the International Seminar of the Institut für Algebra, TU Dresden - [slides]
2014/10 Definierbare Strukturen in the Algebra Seminar of TU Wien

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