Below you can access my publication list in different formats and download my papers from various sources.

Publication List in PDF

Nicely organized human-readable publication list.

Publication List in BibTeX

BibTeX entries for all my publications, for your convenience, in case you would like to cite them.

Paper Repository

All my papers, available in a Dropbox folder.

Google Scholar

Publication list and citation metrics, as indexed by Google Scholar.


Publication list, as indexed by the DBLP database. It includes only my computer science papers.


My publications available in ResearchGate.


Slides of my talks and courses.

Slides Repository

All my slides, available in a Dropbox folder.


An incomplete list of software I have recently produced.


Compression of proofs generated by automated deduction tools

Mind the Word

Foreign language immersion and passive learning during web-browsing

Google Maps Carbon Footprint

Environmental Awareness


Algorithms for applied proof theory

Levenshtein Distance for WEKA

String distance for clustering and machine learning


Approximate string matching for the GATE natural language processing framework

General Game Prayer

Logic-programming-based AI capable of playing any game describable in the game description language.

ID3+Pruning for WEKA

Decision tree learning with user-specified entropy-based pruning.

Entrodiscretizer for WEKA

Discretization filter based on minimum description length principle.

Recent and Upcoming Events

Workshops and Conferences, in which I was/am an organizer or program committee member.

  • 12th Workshop on User Interfaces for Theorem Provers

    2nd of July 2014, Coimbra, Portugal

    Affiliated to IJCAR.

  • 5th World Congress on the Square of Opposition

    11th to 15th of November 2016, Easter Island, Chile

  • Automated Reasoning with Analytic Tableaux and Related Methods

    20th to 24th of September 2015, Wroclaw, Poland

  • Poster Session of the Encyclopedia of Proof Systems

    1st to 7th of August 2015, Berlin, Germany

  • Workshop on Hilbert's 24th Problem and Computer-Assisted Formalized Mathematics

    September 2014, Heidelberg, Germany

    Affiliated to the Heidelberg Laureate Forum

  • ∀X.Xπ Tutorials - All about Proofs, Proofs for All

    18th of July 2014, Vienna, Austria

    Affiliated to Vienna Summer of Logic and Federated Logic Conferences.