185.A56 Semantik von Programmiersprachen / Semantics of Programming Languages, VU 4.5/3.0

Lecturer: Bernhard Gramlich.

Description of the course in TISS: 185.A56 Semantics of Programming Languages.

Language: The course is (usually) held in English.

This course is a basic course in the Master Programme Computer Engineering (Technische Informatik) (2nd semester) and an advanced course in the Master Programmes Computational Logic (Erasmus-Mundus), Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering & Internet Computing.



The course deals with basic foundations of (formal) semantics of programming languages. For a real understanding of programs in any programming language and especially for logical reasoning about properties of such programs a clearly defined semantics is indispensable. There exist various different approaches to describe the formal semantics of programming languages. In the course we treat: Foundational semantic description methods and formalisms and their interrelation: operational, denotational, and axiomatic (definitions of) semantics of imperative program constructs; relations to program verification; equational specification, programming and semantics; inductive and recursive definitions; fixed point operators and constructions; selected topics like non-determinsim, parallelism, semantics and models of concurrency.

When and Where

Requirements and Registration


Assessment will be based on passing an entrance exam (for being admitted to the course; details will be announced), an exercises part (to be specified, depending on the number of participants) and a written final exam.



The course primarily relies on the following textbook(s) (to be extended):

Further (partially more advanced) literature:

Copies of the slides used in the course will be made available.

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