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185.332 Mathematical Logic 2, VU 3.0/2.0, SS 2011

Lecturer: Stefan Hetzl, email: hetzl AT logic.at

This course is an optional course in the Computer Science Master Study Computational Intelligence (Wahlfachkatalog Theoretische Informatik und Logik) and belongs to the module Foundations of the European Masters Program in Computational Logic.

The course will be held in english.


The aim of this course is to discuss some of the most central ideas and results of mathematical logic. The first part of the course is about pure first-order logic and its model theory. It will mainly consist of proving the completeness, compactness and Löwenheim-Skolem theorems. The second part will deal with arithmetic and recursion theory leading to Gödel's first incompleteness theorem.


Familiarity with the syntax and semantics of first-order logic (as taught for example in the course Mathematical Logic 1).


The course will be held in blocked form from 14th of March until 11th of April. All lessons will be in the Gödel seminar room, Favoritenstraße 9.

The dates are:


A written exam will be on:

Thursday, 14.4.2011, 14 - 16 in the Gödel seminar room



NEW: The course notes of this summer term as one big pdf file.

In addition, the following introductions to mathematical logic are useful:

More specialised texts that are recommended for further reading:

Many of these books are available from the university library.

A website containing links to many introductory articles about various subjects in mathematical logic.


The practical part of the course is integrated and will take place in the form of exercises which should be solved at home and will be discussed in the course. At the end there will be a final exam. The overall assessment takes into account the final exam, but also the exercises and the general participation during the course.
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