Seminar in Logic (185.316), SS 2017

Chris Fermüller

Language: The course is held in English (unless all participants prefer German).


From here on:
Information on Chris Fermüller's part of the seminar only!


This year's seminar topic is Logic and Games.
Corresponding literature will be made accessible to all participants. Of particular relavance is the book

Logic in Games
by Johan van Benthem
MIT Press, 2014.
but also various articles (see Course material, below.)

Schedule of talks

Will be announced here after the first meeting on March, 19.

(Additional) Course material

Further links to/copies of relevant course material, as well as hints on additional literature, will be provided in the seminar.


Participants have to prepare a short lecture on a selected topic. This talk should be accompanied by a brief summary (handout) of the relevant technical notions and results. Evaluation for 3.O ECTS points is based on the quality of the talk and the handout, and on regular participation.

Chris Fermüller
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