185.205 Semantik von Programmiersprachen / Semantics of Programming Languages, VU 3.0/2.0

Attention: Starting with the summer term SS 2012 the course 185.205 Semantik von Programmiersprachen / Semantics of Programming Languages, VU 3.0/2.0 is obsolete (not offered anymore) and replaced by the course 185.A56 Semantik von Programmiersprachen / Semantics of Programming Languages, VU 4.5/3.0!

Lecturer: Bernhard Gramlich.

Description of the course in TISS: 185.205 Semantics of Programming Languages.

Language: The course is (usually) held in English.

This course is primarily intended for students in computer science and mathematics, who are interested in formal and theoretical foundations of programming languages. It is a (mandatory or optional) course in the Master Studies Computational Intelligence, Software Engineering & Internet Computing, Technische Informatik and in Computational Logic (European Masters Program in Computational Logic).



The course deals with basic foundations of (formal) semantics of programming languages. For a real understanding of programs in any programming language and especially for logical reasoning about properties of such programs a clearly defined semantics is indispensable. There exist various different approaches to describe the formal semantics of programming languages. In the course we treat: Foundational semantic description methods and formalisms and their interrelation: operational, denotational, and axiomatic (definitions of) semantics of imperative program constructs; relations to program verification; equational specification, programming and semantics; inductive and recursive definitions; fixed point operators and constructions; selected topics like non-determinsim, parallelism, and concurrency.

When and Where

Requirements and Registration


The course primarily relies on the following textbook(s) (to be extended):

Further (partially more advanced) literature:

Copies of the slides used in the course will be made available.


Assessment will be based on passing the entrance exam (for being admitted to the course), an exercises part (to be specified, depending on the number of participants) and a written final exam. For detailed information about the entrance exam see Exams.


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