LATD 2020, the biennial Conference on Logic, Algebra and Truth Degrees

Tbilisi, Georgia, September 14-18, 2020

Affiliated with Tbilisi 2020, the Sixteenth International Tbilisi Summer School on Logic and Language.

Mathematical Fuzzy Logic is the sub-discipline of Mathematical Logic that is concerned with the notion of comparative truth. The assumption that "truth comes in degrees" has proved to be very useful in many theoretical and applied areas of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Philosophy.

The LATD conference series started as an official meeting of the working group on Mathematical Fuzzy Logic and has evolved into a wider meeting in algebraic logic and related areas. Its main goal is to foster collaboration between researchers in these areas, and to promote communication and cooperation with members of neighbouring fields.There will be eight invited speakers.

The Summer school will be devoted to courses on core topics of LATD presented by six eminent lecturers.

Organized by the Kurt Gödel Society.