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GAPT: General Architecture for Proof Theory

GAPT is a proof theory framework developed primarily at the Vienna University of Technology. GAPT contains data structures, algorithms, parsers and other components common in proof theory and automated deduction. In contrast to automated and interactive theorem provers whose focus is the construction of proofs, GAPT concentrates on the transformation and further processing of proofs. In particular, it has the following features:


The latest release is version 2.16.0, from 2022-07-21: download. See the release notes for details on the latest changes. See the release archive for previous releases and source releases.



GAPT is implemented in Scala. Development of GAPT is carried out on github, see our github repository. For more details, see also the developer wiki, the API documentation, or download the latest development build.


The best scientific reference to start reading about GAPT is:

The following is a list of publications related to the system. Some of them describe proof-theoretic algorithms which are implemented in GAPT, others describe a feature of the system or report on experiments carried out using GAPT.


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