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FroCoS 2005 - 5th International Workshop on Frontiers of Combining Systems

Vienna, Austria, September 19-21, 2005

FroCoS 2005 Logo

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FroCoS 2005 - Social Events

A General Remark

All social events of FroCoS 2005 take place in Vienna which has a very good public transport system (see e.g. here or here. Moreover, since participants at social events may also individually get there, there is no organized (bus) transfer to the respective locations. Instead, we will offer to go there as a group by walking or public transport (underground, bus and tram), starting from the workshop venue. This way, one may also get a nice impression of several interesting parts of the city.

For that reason, participants are kindly requested to have appropriate tickets for public transport available.


On Monday we will have a relaxing evening in a nice Heurigen ("Heurigen" stands for typical Viennese wine taverns which normally also offer typical Viennese food).

Conference Dinner

On Tuesday evening the conference dinner will take place in a beautiful historic cloister cellar in Vienna.


After the official end of FroCoS 2005 we offer the possibility of joining a guided city walk that combines typical highlights and major attractions of the historic city center with less well-known jewels, places and typical examples of historic Viennese architecture.