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FroCoS 2005 - 5th International Workshop on Frontiers of Combining Systems

Vienna, Austria, September 19-21, 2005

FroCoS 2005 Logo

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FroCoS 2005 - Some Local Information about Vienna

Public Transport in Vienna

Restaurants, Viennese Cafés, ...

If you have some time left before and/or after the workshop, here are some links about where to go for dining etc. (of course, this list is highly incomplete).

Weather in Vienna

In September the weather in Vienna is even more unpredictable than at other times of the year. It can be very nice, warm and sunny, as well as fairly cold and rainy. In any case, it's a good idea to be prepared for occasional showers. For more information you may consult cf. e.g.

Sight-seeing in Vienna

Here is a list of some useful links: