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2.0 VU Nichtklassische Logiken (185.249, WS 2015/16)
(Nonclassical logics)

Lecturer: Chris Fermüller.

This course will be held in English.

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    Contents of the course (tentative)


    Basic knowledge about classical propositional and first-order logic as covered, e.g., in "Theoretische Informatik und Logik".

    TEST YOURSELF whether you are fit for this course:
    You should be able to prove without handwaving (and preferably without consulting any book or notes) that (forall x) (exists y) P(x,y) is a logical consequence of (exists x) (forall y) P(y,x), and to (rigorously) show that the converse does not hold. In particular you should be able to present a formal definition of the (logical) consequence relation and of a (formal) model/interpretation of a classical first-order formula.


    The course will take place in slightly blocked form on 8 or 9 Fridays in October, November, and December (possibly also in January).

    Lectures are currently planned for the following dates in winter term 2015/16:
    Oct 9, Oct 30, Nov 13, Nov 20, Nov 27, Dec 4, Dec 11, Dec 18.


    Various course material - in particular copies of the lecture slides, including the homework problems ('exercises') - will be made available here (and/or in the lecture) to all participants.